A Little Bit About Us

 Aglet design is not just another design studio. It is run by Raghunath Rajaram, a National Institute of Design (NID) graduate, with the sole purpose of infusing creativity into brands, to help them stand out and get noticed. Whether this is done through design, photography or even sound, we have the capabilities to deliver a solution that exudes creativity and is of the highest quality. We are young, quirky, tech-savvy and driven. We are everything you need to set your brand apart in the ocean of clutter. Whether it’s logo design, full-fledged branding, audio branding (radio/TV jingles), UI/UX design which covers mobile apps and websites, print ads or commercial photography, we have you covered.

Here at aglet, our workflow is a little different as we ensure that all projects are dialogue driven. There is constant communication with the client to both understand their requirements and help them understand what their brand needs. By involving the client in this manner, we avoid a lot of re-work, making us extremely efficient without compromising on quality. We absolutely love what we do, so when you work with us, you can be rest-assured that some of that passion will rub off on you.

It is amazing to see India slowly understand and respect the need for good design and it is our hope that we can help aid in expediting this change.

Our Services

  • Graphic Design/Visual Communication
    • Branding
    • Corporate Identity
  • UI/UX Design
    • Mobile Application Design
    • Website Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Photography
    • Commercial
      • Product
      • Beauty
      • Fashion

All of these disciplines fall under one large umbrella called Experience Design, a new discipline that we are professionally trained in. No design will sell if doesn’t evoke emotions and create an experience that customers will reminisce about and long to relive. This is what we do, we create unforgettable experiences. Great design evokes powerful emotions, a fact that is often overlooked.